About Us

Company Overview

Firstly, Beechleaf Creative is comprised of professionals who absolutely love helping their clients succeed. Our decades of varied experience has been real-life cross-training for marketing, design, and user experience.

Functionally, we use this diverse project background to hone our practice of thinking outside the box — approaching situations with a fresh view, exploring whatever direction provides the most effective solution. We use this flexible, customized approach for projects of all sizes, and it really works.


Rose Lowry is Creative Director at Beechleaf Creative. She has a lifelong interest and work history in marketing and design. Her array of work experience includes web design, print design in all its manifestations, illustration, and marketing for clients such as Tufts Medical Center, Northern Forest Center, Capital Center for the Arts, Brookstone, Eastern Mountain Sports, myriad educational organizations, non-profits, municipal associations, tech/engineering companies, and start-ups. All manner of projects have come across her desk, giving her breadth of experience helping clients communicate and promote themselves.

April Walker is a Senior Designer at Beechleaf, with broad experience in both internet design and print design, including a wide variety of projects such as websites, custom blogs, catalogs, magazines, books, newsletters, and brochures large and small. April’s elegant sense of design and impeccable attention to detail work especially well with her no-nonsense approach to marketing communication projects.

Associates: Between our years of experience and spreading our roots in the region, we have established a deep network of exceptional colleagues. We don’t hesitate to access partnerships best suited for a particular project’s parameters, to provide the highest quality of final product.


We like to work. We work fast. We pride ourselves in mastery of the software we use, and delight in attention to detail and accuracy.

Like most designers, we love the creative process. Our combined exposure, experience, and interests fuel our creativity with ideas from all kinds of sources. But we always keep the end user in mind, the audience, and the marketing needs of the company. No design is valuable unless it functions smoothly, so we have a policy of less flash and more functionality. User experience is steeped into every design we create. Our only goal is to create marketing pieces that work for you.

We are a green company, utilizing eco-friendly products and policies at every level of production.